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Is Goidd need an Internet Connection?

Yes, you need to connect yourself to the internet to make and receive calls, send and receive messages. Goidd requires a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Can I use Goidd to make calls?

Yes, Goidd provides the calling feature apart from video conferencing. You can easily connect yourself to make calls with Goidd.

Can I make calls without access to the internet?

No, Goidd call needs an internet connection. All Incoming calls and messages are routed through the internet to your phone numbers.

Is my conversation secure?

Yes, goidd secures all the conversations in the app. It is completely encrypted and protects your personal information.

How I Can Record my Video Conference?

Click on the record option this allows you to record a complete screen video, with crystal clear images, and also can save it for future streaming. You can record this from any device tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

Is it right for my business to use Goidd free-plan video conference?

Free video conferencing has limited features that you have to use within a given time period. Once your meeting time is over, you need to start it again. If you have a large business use a pro plan to make your meeting more effective.

Is Goidd Video conferencing Secure?

Yes, Goidd platform is safe to use. It has own protection policy and secures all audio and video conversations end-to-end encrypted.

How I can register myself on Goidd?

Create the account first, then select your plan option basic, standard, or pro. Follow on-screen instructions by agreeing to all terms & conditions. After this, Your account will be created successfully.